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Team ZeroC is the name of the group of students and teachers of the ITIS "Leonardo da Vinci" in Carpi (MO) that participates in the international Shell Eco Marathon competition.

The origin of the competition dates back to 1939, at a Shell research laboratory in the United States as a friendly wager between scientists; of the betting was getting the most mileage with a liter of fuel from their vehicles. The competition has evolved and moved to Europe. The Shell Eco-marathon in its current form began in 1985 in France, attracting thousands of young engineers and scientists from 20 European countries.

The principle of Shell Eco-marathon is simple: to design and build a vehicle that uses the least amount of fuel possible to travel a certain distance. Teams can create futuristic prototypes with the goal of reducing consumption by maximizing efficiency.
The vehicles can be powered by conventional combustibles (diesel, gasoline, gasoline / LPG) and not (GTL, solar, bio-ethanol, hydrogen).
They compete in the higher technical institutes and universities competing in Europe.




Escorpio is the name of the prototype with which our team takes part in the race.
The name comes from one of the many inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, it was a boat for use in war characterized by a metal ram with which to ram enemy ships.
But never fear! Our team has no warlike intentions and below the hull Escorpio only find wires, gears, wheels and ... a very peaceful pilot!

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Londra 2017: 1° posto nella categoria prototipi elettrici plug-in. Leggete la Newsletter di giugno 2017!


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